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Log in with ZITADEL on Auth0 through OIDC

This guide shows how to enable login with ZITADEL on Auth0.

It covers how to:

  • create and configure the application in your project
  • create and configure the connection in your Auth0 tenant


  • existing ZITADEL Instance, if not present follow this guide
  • existing ZITADEL Organization, if not present follow this guide
  • existing ZITADEL project, if not present follow the first 3 steps here
  • existing Auth0 tenant as described here

We have to switch between ZITADEL and a Auth0. If the headings begin with "ZITADEL" switch to the ZITADEL Console and if the headings start with "Auth0" please switch to the Auth0 GUI.

Auth0: Create a new connection

In Authentication > Enterprise

  1. Press the "+" button right to "OpenID Connect"
    Create new connection
  2. Set a connection name for example "ZITADEL"
  3. The issuer url is https://<YOUR_DOMAIN>/.well-known/openid-configuration
  4. Copy the callback URL (ending with /login/callback)

The configuration should look like this:

initial connection configuration

Next we have to switch to the ZITADEL console.

ZITADEL: Create the application

First of all we create the application in your project.

Create the Auth0 app

Go to the detail page of your project and click the "+"-button in the application-section. This will lead you to the the creation wizard.

Add application

Create the app by setting a name and select the application type "Web"

create web preview

Select the authentication method

The authentication method defines the communication flow during a login

code preview


Use if your application needs client id and client secret

Redirect URIs

During the login flow the application defines where a user is redirected to after login or logout.
ZITADEL verifies if the URL the user gets redirected to is valid by checking if one of the redirect URIs match.

  • Redirect URIs are verified during the login process.
    • The default redirect uri of your app is https://<TENANT>.<REGION>
  • Post Logout URIs are verified during the logout process.

The default redirect uri of your app is https://<TENANT>.<REGION>

Redirect URIs configuration

Review your configuration

The last page of the stepper shows a summary of what will be created. After you have reviewed the configuration you can create the application.

Client information

Please make sure to safe the client id and secret for later use in the application.

client infos

Auth0: Connect ZITADEL

  1. Copy the client id from ZITADEL and past it into the Client ID field
  2. Copy the client secret from ZITADEL and past it into the Client Secret field full configuration
  3. click Create
  4. To verify the connection go to the "Applications" tab and enable the Default App enable app
  5. Click "Back to OpenID Connect"
  6. Click on the "..." button right to the newly created connection and click "Try" click try
  7. ZITADEL should open on a new tab and you can enter your login information
  8. After you logged in you should see the following: full configuration