ZITADEL Product Newsletter for February 2024

We're excited to share with you some of our product updates, and tips and tricks in making your identity infrastructure easier and more effective. This is the February 2024 edition of our newsletter.

Feature highlights

Our team shipped more than 91 improvements and features in February across all ZITADEL components. Here are some of the highlights in February 2024.

Organization metadata

With organization metadata, you are able to assign arbitrary information to an organization. This could be, for example, information such as a hierarchical relationship, an internal tenant identifier, or billing information.

With the latest improvements developers can now use the organization metadata in the complement token flow in Actions. Developers can include a user’s organization metadata into tokens that can be read by receiving applications. An example on using organization metadata in Actions is available in our repository.

Improvements to the official Terraform provider

With the release v1.1.0 of ZITADEL’s official Terraform provider, you can add SAML applications. Moreover, you can generate service user secrets and import service users with an existing secret.

Additionally to the changes mentioned above, we shipped various bug fixes, stability improvements, and enhancements of our documentation.

Make sure to upgrade to the latest version 2.46.0 to benefit from the latest features. Consult the Technical Advisories for breaking behavior and upgrade recommendations.

The latest stable version is 2.37.3. You can find the version of our stable release information in our documentation.

More sample apps to secure your favorite language

Available example apps for zitadel in different programming languages and frameworks such as Angular, Flutter, Go, Java, NestJS, Next.js, Python Django, Python Flask, React, PHP Symfony, Vue.js

We continued with sample applications to make your authentication and authorization easier in February. These changes also come with a fresh look in our documentation. Have a look at the new example applications:

Are you missing an example or SDK in your favorite language? Vote and join the discussion

Tip of the month: Managers are privileged users

Managers are users who have privileged permissions to make changes within ZITADEL itself. This could be changing configurations, creating new users, or assigning roles within an organization.

For example, you can assign a Manager role to the first user of a new organization. With that, you can enable the user to configure SSO and login policies or assign roles to their team in self-service.

Developers can assign a Manager role to service users to make changes via API instead of using the Console.

Learn how to use Managers

Building together: Contributions & feedback

Shape the new user API

We’re actively looking for feedback on our User API. The API is based on the new User Schema, which will allow developers to define the fields of the user, permissions of Managers and users to edit fields, and more.

Give feedback on the user API

Community contributions

In February our community contributed over 18 features and fixes to ZITADEL. Our thanks go out to everyone who contributed.

  • jkroepke made valuable contributions to the oidc library
  • doncicuto provided several UI fixes to the console
  • dvob, mdarii, and filips contributed important improvements and bug fixes on the operations and deployment functionality.
  • yordis, tired-engineer, omarmoo5, and accir helped us fix various typos and improve our documentation

Thanks again for all the big and small contributions, and the countless feedback and improvement ideas. In case you want to contribute, start with our Contribution Guide.

What we’re working on

The team works continuously to deliver new features, improvements, and bug fixes. You can review the high-level items on our public roadmap. This month, we started working on these important features. Make sure to subscribe and receive a notification once they are done.

  • Actions V2, called Executions, allow developers to customize the behavior of ZITADEL. Actions exist today already but are limited to certain flows and triggers. The upgraded version of Actions will allow developers to manipulate requests, manipulate the response, react to events, or hook into predefined trigger points.
  • ZITADEL CLI, aka. zcli, allows developers to send commands to ZITADEL from the CLI.
  • Impersonation enables a functionality to impersonate users to act on behalf of other users. Impersonation will be limited to configurable user groups and will be logged in the audit trail.

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