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ZITADEL provides the following modules.


This module provides functionality to call REST APIs.


    let http = require('zitadel/http')

fetch() function

This function allows to call HTTP servers. The function does NOT fulfil the Fetch API specification.


  • url string
  • options
    Optional, containing custom settings that you want to apply to the request.
    • headers
      Overwrites the default headers. One of the following types
      • map[string] string
        The value is split into separate values after each comma ,.
      • map[string] Array of string
        The value is a string array
      • default:
        • Content-Type: application/json
        • Accept: application/json
    • method
      The request method. Allowed values are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
    • body Object
      JSON representation


If the request was invalid, an error will be thrown, otherwise a Response object will be returned.

The object has the following fields and methods:

  • status number
    Status code of response
  • body string
    Return value
  • json() Object
    Returns the body as JSON object, or throws an error if the body is not a json object.
  • text() string
    Returns the body