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Open Source.

ZITADEL is a cloud-native Identity & Access Management platform built for the cloud era. We built ZITADEL not only with the vision of becoming a great open source project but also as a superb platform to support developers building their projects, without need to handle secure user login and account management themselves.

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ZITADEL open source project

We believe that providing an open source software brings additional value to our products, build trust in the engineering, allows our users to fully own their data, and benefit from options instead of a closed-platform or provider lock-in.

ZITADEL is free open source software under a permissive Apache 2.0 license. The project is managed and also maintained by the ZITADEL team and we provide our community access to all ZITADEL releases at no cost and welcome all contributions.

We provide different options for you to try, run, and operate ZITADEL.

We help you to setup and run ZITADEL the way you need. Start a Question or get in touch.



Try out our shared cloud service. Our free plan includes unlimited users and all security features.

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ZITADEL Open Source

Run ZITADEL on your favourite platform yourself without any headaches.

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ZITADEL enterprise

ZITADEL Enterprise

Get a managed instance or commercial support from us.

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The project is backed, actively maintained and developed by the ZITADEL team and our community.

We appreciate any contribution to any part of the project. In case you have questions, want to discuss about the project, or have new ideas then engage on our discussion page.

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Cloud strategy for open source

Our vision of the ZITADEL is to build an open source IAM platform for the cloud era.

  • Build a scalable application for modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds (cloud-native)
  • Enable users to move their application to other providers at any time
  • Favor API-first approach over lock-in to a platform ecosystem
  • Use open standards whenever possible
  • Provide technical support or operations even for demanding setups

Trust in open source

We ensure maximum security when developing and operating ZITADEL. We have established principles and processes to provider you with a safe and transparent product.

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Open community

We actively contribute to the open source community and support the promotion of open source software and standards.

Let us stay in touch.

Are you interested in the ZITADEL project? Then consider following our project on Github or channels for future updates. We would be thrilled to stay in touch.