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Let's add users to your apps.

ZITADEL gives developers all they need to integrate identity management. Easy as pie. Ready when you are — because serverless. At yours or ours — because open source.

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What we do

Identity management that works for you

You want auth that's quickly set up like Auth0 but open source like Keycloak? Look no further — ZITADEL combines the ease of Auth0 and the versatility of Keycloak.

It is built for devs. And for the serverless age. Featuring multi-tenancy, open source and the cloud. You can get started in minutes on our public cloud service, run it locally or self-host. But mostly: Take care of your business, because your login is taken care of.

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What we offer

OpenSaaS: The best of two worlds

Open source and SaaS got together to bring you simplicity while enabling you to dive as deep as you like. The serverless architecture enables you to jump right in and scale up as needed. If you'd rather run your own instance on your computer, that's just one command away.

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Open Source

Run your own instance locally. Or wherever you like. And for the ones who think a repo says more than words: No need to ask for keys.

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Use our public cloud service (our free plan includes all features) or self-host for full control — in any case, we're happy to lend a hand.

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Why the best of both worlds?

B2B: Bring your clients

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B2B is baked into ZITADEL from the very beginning. Multi-tenancy enables you to provide auth for all of your clients, be it companies or end users.

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Improve your clients' and partners' experience by allowing them to manage their resources without your interaction.

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Existing identities

Use identities from existing providers like Azure AD, Google Workspace and many others, to login.

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Easy Integration

Integrate with all your systems

Use our APIs, SDKs and our quickstarts to enable modern authentication with any of your systems.


We expose Authentication, Management and IAM Administration interfaces via GRPC and REST APIs.

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Execute custom code triggered by events to customize behavior and workflows.

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Use our client libraries for interacting with ZITADEL or any standard OpenID Connect library.

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We provide quickstart guides in multiple languages and tools for you to start developing.

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provider, err := oidc.NewProvider(ctx, 
if err != nil {
    // handle error

oauth2Config := oauth2.Config{
    ClientID:     clientID,
    ClientSecret: clientSecret,
    RedirectURL:  redirectURL,
    Endpoint: provider.Endpoint(),
    Scopes: []string{oidc.ScopeOpenID, "profile", "email"},
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DINACON Best-Newcomer Award 2021
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