Secure Login and Access for your projects

ZITADEL provides you with all the features necessary to build great solutions, without the need of building the login and access management yourself.

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Identity Experience Platform

Identity management for developers and security officers

ZITADEL is the identity platform built for developers and security officers of Software- or Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers due to its easy integration and advanced audit capabilities. ZITADEL is open source and available as cloud service.

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B2B Multi-Tenancy

Delegate authorization and self-service to another organization such as your B2B clients.

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In-Context Audit Trail

Get a complete Audit Trail with clean data that let's you travel back in time.

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Open Source and SaaS: Self-host for full control or use our public cloud service. We support.

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Features for your project.

Proven features and standards

Integrate your project with our platform's authentication and authorization features that rely on well-established standards like OpenID Connect 1.0 and OAuth 2.0.

Customizable Login

Bring you brand design to ZITADEL by private labeling your hosted login pages.

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Identity Brokering

Federate with existing identity systems and allow users to link multiple identities to one account.

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Secure Authentication

Phishing-resistant, passwordless login with only one user gesture from all FIDO2 devices and various options for two-factor (2FA).

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Role Based Access Management

Use a role based access control (RBAC) schema to get your project to a fast start and assign roles to users.

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Best audit trail.

Gain and react to insights from your data

A world first event-driven design allows you to automatically build long term audit trails without extra cost.

Audit Trail

The unique audit capability allows you to travel back in time and inspect each resource or the system at a given moment.

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Actively send requests to your application, when certain events are triggered in ZITADEL (early access feature).

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Why trust ZITADEL?

Trust through transparency and security

We strive for a highest transparency and security in our processes, tools, providers, and development of our products. Our products are backed by an open source community, so you can rely on ZITADEL as trust anchor for your identities.

Open Source

Fully own your data, convince yourself of the engineering, and contribute to the discussion and platform.

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Security & Trust Center

Review our security principles and how we protect your data and users. We publish as much information as we can openly.

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Gain more insights about us, our ideas, and our thoughts on developing and managing our products.

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Easy Integration

Integrate with all your systems

Use our APIs, SDKs and our quickstarts to enable modern authentication with any of your systems.


We expose Authentication, Management and IAM Administration interfaces via GRPC and REST APIs.

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Use our client libraries for interacting with ZITADEL or any standard OpenID Connect library.

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We provide quickstart guides in multiple languages and tools for you to start developing.

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provider, err := oidc.NewProvider(ctx, 
if err != nil {
    // handle error

oauth2Config := oauth2.Config{
    ClientID:     clientID,
    ClientSecret: clientSecret,
    RedirectURL:  redirectURL,
    Endpoint: provider.Endpoint(),
    Scopes: []string{oidc.ScopeOpenID, "profile", "email"},

Your use cases.

Improve time-to-market for your use cases

Build your use cases on a solid set of core features, without the need to re-invent secure user login and account management on your own.

Secure login experience

Authenticate all your users with a central login page provided by ZITADEL and leverage Single sign-on in the process.

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Improve your customers and partners experience by allowing them to manage their resources without your interaction.

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Login with existing identities

Allow your customers, partners and employees to login with their existing identities.

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Passwordless authentication

Improve the security of your projects and users by utilizing established and secure authentication mechanics across your services.

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