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Get to know the team behind ZITADEL.

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Adapt. Play. Nightowl.

Chief Executive Officer

Florian Forster

CEO and Founder of ZITADEL and since his younger days a full-blooded IT nerd with a lot of curiosity and an allergy to the mantra "It's like that because it has always been like that". Has already been honored with the title "Constructive Irritant".

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Code. Learn. Share.

Software Engineer

Silvan Reusser

Cloud native and feels at home in IT since his teenage years. In his studies, he learns in-depth computer science skills and gets to grips with cutting-edge technologies. When you don't find him in the office, you can find him at festivals or exploring new places around the world.

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Dance. Travel. Lake.

Chief Product Officer

Fabienne Bühler

As "Head of Product" responsible for the product roadmap and customer success of ZITADEL and supports in software development in the backend. In her free time she likes to be at or on Lake Constance with her motorboat or sailboat and feels at home on the dance floor, no matter if Hip-Hop, Jazz or Lindy-Hop.

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Build. Code. Wander.

Software Engineer

Maximilian Peintner

Software developer with a faible for novel technologies and good design. He prefers to work on the frontend, but also likes to show what he can do in native app development. In his free time, he likes to spend time in the mountains in the surrounding area, as well as in his home country.

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Think. Code. Refactor.

Software Engineer

Stefan Benz

Software developer who, among other things, deals with the topic of DevOps. Since the beginning of his apprenticeship he has been working in many areas of computer science and has decided to focus on cloud computing. When not listening to music in the office, he can be found in the Rhine Valley or on mountain roads with his motorcycle or car.

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Forward. Rethink. Freestyle.

Software Engineer

Elio Bischof

Software developer and automator of infrastructure and operational processes using the GitOps pattern. Leads business applications in distributed systems to success with Domain Driven Design and concepts such as Event Sourcing. His hole-in-one on the golf course is still waiting.

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Garden. Cook. Play.

Software Engineer

Livio Spring

Software developer with a flair for software architecture, who also enjoys networking. In his spare time he likes to take care of his chilies or relax at Lake Constance.

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Think. Improve. Sing.

Chief Operating Officer

Maximilian Panne

All-rounder on the business side with a passion for technology. When he's not singing or baking, he enjoys spending time with a few books by Lake Zurich or in the mountains.

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Write. Run. Tunes.

Developer Advocate

Dakshitha Ratnayake

A technology enthusiast who supports the team as a Developer Advocate comes with varied experience in software development, solution architecture, and technical evangelism in middleware and API technologies. She tries to squeeze some reading, running, singing, and doodling into her spare time. She often travels to places within Sri Lanka and loves playing Basketball.

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Solve. Enjoy. Dare.

Software Engineer

Tim Möhlmann

Go developer, SQL, Linux and open-source enthusiast. With a passion for complex problems, troubleshooting and testing. In his free time he likes to travel, visit concerts, go snowboarding, hiking or sailing.

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Learn. Adapt. Play.

Account Executive

Jason Burkhead

Inquisitive sales professional with a passion for problem solving. In his spare time Jason can be found enjoying the outdoors with his family or reading with a warm cup of coffee.

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