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Security, performance, and reliability on any hardware.

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25,000 requests/Month

60 Action minutes/Month

SLA & Support

Advanced threat protection

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Self hosted

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Enterprise Support

Get a tailored support SLA when self-hosting on your own infrastructure.

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ZITADEL Cloud Options

Enhance your ZITADEL Cloud instance with the following options.

Own Domain



Use your own domains to serve web interfaces, APIs and emails.

Data location



(based on the selection above)

Decide in which region your data will be processed and stored. Available regions are:

  • Global  (default)
  • Switzerland  (+10$ per 25k requests)
  • GDPR safe countries  (+5$ per 25k requests)

Extended SLA & Support



We guarantee 99.95% availability and provide technical support within 1 hour of your request

Longer audit trail

By default you can access 13 months of audit trail. This option enables longer audit periods. For now, please get in touch with us to activate.

Technical Account Manager

You can talk directly with our engineers until the setup is complete and during the term to review architecture and performance regularly. Get in touch to learn more.

Annual Payment

If you prefer an annual payment schedule, alternative payment methods, or bulk pricing, feel free to get in touch with us.


Write us anytime.

Fabienne Gerschwiler

Get in touch with us via mail.

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Pricing concepts


Each authorized request against your ZITADEL instance are counted against your monthly quota. Up to 25 000 requests are free per month. Each additional 25 000 request will be charged at $50. These amounts are reset each month.

Action minutes

Execution time in seconds of you custom code is counted against you monthly quota. You have a monthly limit of 60min total execution time. These amounts are reset each month.

Data location

You can decide in which area you want to store your data. By default we store the data in a global area optimized for best performance.


You always get a basic Service Level agreement. We guarantee continuous operations with an availability of 99.5% and support during business hours by default.

Unlimited identities

We won't encourage account sharing. That is why unlimited identities are included and you shouldn't pay extra for security.

Estimating requests

Details will depend on your application. You can estimate usage with ca. 4 Requests per Login, where B2C users login once and B2B/B2E users login 20 times per month.

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Startup program

Go build your stuff and don't worry about identities. We've got you covered.

What you will get for 12 months

  • Customer success option for free
  • Onboarding with our Engineers
  • 50% off for additional requests

You must meet the following requirements

  • Less than $2M funding
  • No more than 2 years old
Register to the program

Feature development

Shaping of the roadmap and prioritization of features is done by ZITADEL Staff. You are welcome to give feedback on the roadmap and we are happy to accept upstream pull requests for ZITADEL.

In case you can't contribute directly to the open source version of ZITADEL, but want to accelerate development, we may develop the feature on request, under the following conditions:

  • All IP of the features remains with us and may be published under an Open Source License.
  • Customer pays 100% of development costs for features not on the roadmap, or when a defined deadline for the general availability of the feature must met.
  • Customer pays 50% of development costs for prioritization of a feature that is already on the roadmap
  • Terms of an engineering request apply with prior written agreement on the effort and timeline.
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