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We're excited to share with you some of our product updates, and tips and tricks in making your identity infrastructure easier and more effective.

New sample apps in VueJS, PHP, and Java

We have set ourselves the goal to make your life as easy as possible —at least for your authentication and authorization needs. Check out these newly added examples and guides for PHP, Vue, and Java to get started in minutes:

Are you missing an example or SDK in your favorite language? Let us know by opening an improvement idea.

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Tip of the day: Invite users outside of your organization


Maybe you didn’t know, but you can invite users from other organizations and assign them authorizations just as for internal users. This is what we call “user grants”, they work the same as for organization grants, but for users.

Do you have partners or agencies managing your customers' organizations on behalf of them? Maybe have a look at user grants and see if that could help you to make this process easier.

Read more about multi-tenancy

Build or buy? Anyways, lunch was on us

This month we started a webinar series “Lunch & Learn. First to start was Fabienne, our Head of Product & Co-Founder taking on the topic “Build or Buy?”.

What are build and buy decision factors? And when does the complexity of modern identity management really come into play when rolling your own auth?

Did you miss it? We published the first webinar of the series on our YouTube channel, including the Q&A with our participants.

Make sure to register for our future webinars on topics such as Beyond Community Bug Fixing, Penetration Testing, or making your applications more secure. Recordings of future webinars will be published only later this year, so make sure to register for the webinar.

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What else has changed in ZITADEL?

  • We shipped many bug fixes and performance improvements in January
  • Improvements in how errors are handled and logged for OpenID Connect functionalities
  • Added more functionality (GetUserByID) to the resource-based API, as part of deprecating our service-oriented APIs
  • You can now define some resources by name rather than id only when using our Terraform Provider. This should make it easier for many users to apply the same configuration to different environments.

Remember that the latest stable version is 2.37.3. You can find the version of our stable release information in our documentation. Make sure to check the Technical Advisories for breaking behavior and upgrade recommendations.


We received 18 contributions to our products through our community in January. Thank you very much for your continuous support!

  • doncicuto provided several fixes to login and console, making it easier for users to navigate, configure, and login to ZITADEL, and contributed a feature to search for users by their email address
  • jkroepke contributed features and fixes to our OIDC package, improving error messages
  • Our Helm Chart received valuable improvements from thomaspetit, arnouthoebreckx, and raunodepasquale
  • tafaust contributed a NodeJS-NestJS example
  • ahmednfwela kindly improved the Flutter example
  • lukasver and tstenner helped us find errors and typos in our docs

Thanks again for all the big and small contributions, and the countless feedback and improvement ideas. In case you want to contribute, start with our contribution guide.

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