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Annex for ZITADEL Enterprise and Support Services

Last updated on November 15, 2023

This annex of the Framework Agreement describes the commercial support services (Support Services, Enterprise License, or Enterprise Agreement) for units of ZITADEL software products (Unit), if not otherwise defined a Unit refers to a is a single, dedicated setup of an application or service covered under an Enterprise agreement.

The customer relationship (Framework Agreement or The Agreement) is created by the Customer ("you") by accepting a Purchase Order ("PO") for the specified Support Services (Booking). Jointly you and ZITADEL will be referred to as the Parties. The terms of service ("TOS") outlined in this document establish the most important points of this Framework Agreement – independently of the use of any other services.


Coverage under this Agreement will start with Booking of Support Services, for a minimum period of 12 months. Support Services agreements will automatically renew for additional one-year term upon submission of a purchase order for renewal, unless either you or ZITADEL provides written notice (E-Mail sufficient) of termination of any such term. Each renewal will be at ZITADEL's then-current rate. In the event that you accesses ZITADEL Support services in any way after the Agreement has expired or been terminated, you will continue to be bound by this Agreement, which will continue to apply to the services after such expiration or termination.

Service review

If not otherwise agreed, ZITADEL offers a yearly review meeting with you to discuss the service quality and any feedback you might have. We are not required to participate in the meeting after the term has expired.

Your obligations

Maintenance of units

You will ensure that units eligible for Support Service are maintained and upgraded frequently. If you operate units with a release date older than 180 days since our latest stable release, the term is continued but ZITADEL is not required to handle any support request for that unit until the units are upgraded and re-certified.

Support Process

You will ensure to follow the support process, especially provide all required initial information to the issue, as outlined in the Annex to this document.

Training of support staff

You will ensure regular training of your support staff. Your support staff must be able to provide the required information for support issues to us, and thus requires access and up-to-date knowledge of the services.

Initial know-how transfer for the services will be organized in training sessions conducted by us. We can provide knowledge sessions throughout the term to train newly onboarded staff, update your support staff about important updates, or refresh knowledge in specified areas. In case we notice insufficient quality of support requests from Customers, we will propose appropriate training sessions.


Lapsed Service Fee

In case the term of the Support Service contract has expired within 1 to 180 days, you will be required to pay a Lapsed Service fee in addition to purchasing and activating a one-year renewal contract term at the then-current fee and conditions. The renewal term's start date will also be backdated to begin coverage from the service's original expiration date.

Please contact us for current fees.

Recertification Fee

Recertification of a unit, to be covered under Support Services, is required for:

  • units for which Support Services have been expired for more than 180 days
  • units that run a release that is older than 180 days from the products most recent stable release
  • requests for support on products and services purchased or supported from non-authorized resellers

Recertification of a unit requires payment of a Recertification Fee which results in a checkup of the unit by ZITADEL. The unit will be inspected to asses its condition and eligibility for service coverage.

Please contact us for current fees.

Disaster recovery

You are solely responsible to ensure appropriate backup and disaster recovery of Units managed by you. Any liability for damages, indirect or direct, in case of data loss is explicitly rejected.


We are entitled to unilaterally amend these TOS at any time. The current version is accessible via our website. We will inform you of any amendments via email. These amendments shall be considered as accepted upon booking additional services or at the latest after 30 days. In the case of a rejection on your part we reserve the right to terminate the Framework Agreement.