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Support service description for ZITADEL

Last updated on November 15, 2023

This annex of the Framework Agreement and the Support Service Terms and Conditions describes the support services offered by us for our Services.

Support Services for products and services provided by ZITADEL is offered to customers according to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. The customer may purchase support services from ZITADEL (CAOS Ltd.) directly.

Service Level Agreement​

ZITADEL provides a Service Level Agreement for support of the services offered. Depending on your subscription plan you might be eligible to the following support service level agreement.


Based on your subscription plan you may be eligible for the support services as outlined in this document. You may purchase additional premium support plans which replace the default support features.

Support in subscription plans​

Support features for ZITADEL Cloud subscriptions are as follows:

Subscription PlansFreeProductionEnterprise Cloud
Support hoursBusiness hoursBusiness hoursbespoke (up to 24x7)
Response Time (Severity 1)n/a48 business hoursbespoke (as low as 30min)
Community supportyesyesyes
Professional supportnoyesyes
Enterprise supported featuresnonoyes
Technical Account Managementnonobespoke

Extended support​

Extended support can be added to ZITADEL Cloud subscription plans. The default support features will be replaced as follows:

Extended supportDefault
Support hoursExtended hours
Response Time (Severity 1)1 business hour
Community supportyes
Professional supportyes
Enterprise supported featuresno
Technical Account Managementno

ZITADEL Enterprise / self-hostable​

With ZITADEL Enterprise you become eligible for support plans according to your purchase order for self-hosting ZITADEL. Please refer to the service description for an overview of ZITADEL Enterprise.

ZITADEL Enterprise self-hostableDefault
Support hoursbespoke (up to 24x7)
Response Time (Severity 1)bespoke (as low as 30min)
Community supportyes
Professional supportyes
Enterprise supported featuresyes
Technical Account Managementbespoke

Description of support services​

Support hours​

Business hours​

Business hours means 08:00-17:00 Monday - Friday Switzerland time (or as per agreement with the customer). All times exclude public holidays in Switzerland / Canton St. Gallen.

Extended hours​

Extended hours means 07:00-19:00 Monday - Friday Switzerland time (or as per agreement with the customer). All times exclude public holidays in Switzerland / Canton St. Gallen.


Ticket means a discrete technical or non-technical issue that was submitted by the customer and exists in the support portal. A ticket includes a record of all communication associated with the issue.

SLO - Initial response time​

ZITADEL service level objective (SLO) for Support Services is defined in terms of initial response time to a support request, as outlined in the table below per plan. ZITADEL will use reasonable efforts to resolve support requests, but does not guarantee a work-around, resolution or resolution time.

Subscription PlansDefaultExtended SLACustom
Severity 1Best effort1 business hourup to 30min
Severity 2Best effort2 business hour2 business hours
Severity 3Best effort12 business hour12 business hours
Severity 4Best effort24 business hour24 business hours

If we fail to provide the initial response time objective, you will be entitled to service credits. For every 15 minutes exceeding the state objective, 1 day will be added as extension to the current term.


Community support​

Community support for ZITADEL is available on our website, our public chat, and GitHub.

We do only guarantee response times to Tickets reported via professional support channels only. If you are an eligible customer, please use Tickets for critical or urgent issues.

Professional support​

  • Support is available in English
  • Default contact: Whenever customers require support, Customers should consult the documentation of the service or product or post a question to our community
  • When Customer is eligible for support services through a Subscription Plan, Customer may contact ZITADEL support via the following channels
Support FeatureContact information
TicketSubmit an issue via the customer portal
Chat SupportPrivate chat channel between ZITADEL and Customer that is opened when Subscription becomes active
Phone Support+41 43 215 27 34
  • ZITADEL Cloud system status, incidents and maintenance windows will be communicated via our status page.
  • Questions regarding pricing, billing, and invoicing of our services should be addressed to
  • Security related questions and incidents can also be directly addressed to

Technical account manager​

ZITADEL will enhance its support offering by providing eligible clients with a Technical Account Manager (TAM), who will perform the following tasks for up to the agreed amount of time during the term of service:

  • Provide support and advice regarding best practices on platform, product and configuration covered by the applicable Support Services;
  • Participate in review calls every other week at mutually agreed times addressing customer’s operational challenges or complex support requests;
  • Walk-through of new features and customer feedback.

We offer TAM services only bundled with specific subscription plans, and the option to add more TAM hours per period to these plans. If you require consulting for your projects, please request a quote via our website.

Onboarding support​

Our onboarding support should help you, as a new customer, to get a better understanding on how to integrate ZITADEL into your solution, how to tackle the migration, and ensure a highly-available day-to-day operation.

Onboarding support services can be offered to customers that enter a ZITADEL Cloud or a ZITADEL Enterprise subscription.

If you intend to use the open-source version exclusively then please join our community chat or GitHub. Your questions might help other people in the community and will make our project better over time.

Please contact us for a quote and to get started with onboarding support. Below you will find topics covered and scope of the offered services.

Proof of value​

Within a short time-frame, f.e. 3 weeks, we can show the value of using our services and have the ability to establish the proof a of working setup for your most critical use cases. We may offer to support you during an initial period to evaluate next steps. Before the start of the period we may ask you to provide a description of your critical use cases and a high-level overview of your planned integration architecture. During this period you should make sure that you have the necessary resources on your side to complete the proof of value.

Onboarding term​

With the onboarding support we provide the initial knowledge transfer to configure and operate ZITADEL. During the term you will get direct access to our engineering team via Technical Account Management. Duration is typically 3 months but this could vary depending on your requirements.

We offer an onboarding term in combination with ZITADEL Enterprise subscriptions.

Topics covered​

The scope will be tailored to your requirements. Topics of the onboarding term may include

  • Administration
  • DevOps (Operation)
  • Architecture
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Security Best Practices & Go-Live Checkup
  • Performance testing
  • Setting up or maintaining backup storage
  • Running multiple ZITADEL instances on the same cluster
  • Integration into internal monitoring and alerting
  • Multi-cluster architecture deployments
  • DNS, Network and Firewall configuration
  • Customer-specific Kubernetes configuration needs
  • Non-production environments
  • Production deployment
  • Application-side coding, configuration, or tuning


Support request​

ZITADEL agrees to handle support incidents in the following scenarios:

  1. Service, product or configuration as provided by ZITADEL contains errors or critical security-related issues
  2. Service or product requires upgrades or changes through the customer
  3. Service or product has incorrect or missing documentation

Support features include:

  • Answer questions regarding usage of specific features or configurations
  • Provide high-level suggestions regarding appropriate usage, features or configurations
  • Assist in troubleshooting of issues to isolate potential root cause
  • Document and advise alternative solutions for reported defects

Excluded are broader consulting & customer-specific engineering requests regarding use of our products and services. Moreover support requests from Customer’s end users must be handled by the Customer directly.

Support service process​

The customer may submit support requests (β€œticket”) through any means of eligible communication channels, consisting of

  • Single discrete problem, issue, or request
  • Initial severity level and impact statement for assessment
  • Description of the issue and if possible a description of the observed and expected behavior, steps to reproduce the issue, evidence that issue is not caused by connectivity / compute, relevant anonymized log-files etc.
  • All information requested by ZITADEL as we resolve the ticket (e.g. system logs)

ZITADEL will review the case information and determine the severity level (see below), working with the customer to assess the urgency of the request and use reasonable efforts to respond to support requests within the initial response time.

ZITADEL will use reasonable efforts to resolve support request as defined below, but does not guarantee a workaround, resolution or resolution time.

Severity LevelDescription
Severity 1
Critical / Service down

Widespread failure or complete unavailability of ZITADEL Core Services.

ZITADEL will use continuous effort to provide a workaround or permanent solution. When Core Services are available, the severity will be lowered to the new appropriate level.

Severity 2
Core functionality unavailable or severely degraded

Core Services of ZITADEL software continue to operate in severely restricted fashion, yet long-term productivity may be impacted.

When Core Services are no longer severely degraded (eg, through a viable workaround or release), the severity level will be lowered to Severity 3.

Severity 3
Standard support request

Partial and non-critical loss of ZITADEL software functionality or major software defect, yet a workaround exists for viable long-term operation.

ZITADEL will continue to work on developing permanent resolution.

Severity 4
Non-urgent request

Defined as follows:

  • Request for information or general query
  • Feature request
  • Performance issues and little to none functional impact
  • Defects with workarounds and little to low functional impact

ZITADEL will continue to work on developing permanent resolution and response to general requests. ZITADEL does not provide a timeline or guarantee to include any feature requests.


The customer may escalate support requests following the escalation process:

  1. For non-urgent needs, the client may request management escalation within the ticket. A manager will review the request and provide a response within one business day.
  2. For urgent needs, the client may escalate directly by calling +41 43 456 84 69 and emailing to A manager will review the request and provide response within two business hours.

If we fail to provide a response to the escalation, you will be entitled to service credits. For every 15 minutes exceeding the state objective, 1 day will be added as extension to the current term.