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Rate Limit Policy

Last updated on April 24, 2024

This policy is an annex to the Terms of Service and clarifies your obligations while using our Services, specifically how we will use rate limiting to enforce certain aspects of our Acceptable Use Policy.

Why do we rate limit

To ensure the availability of our Services and to avoid slow or failed requests by our Customers, due to overloads, we impose rate limits on certain API. These limits helps us guarantee the performance and availability of ZITADEL Cloud.

How is the rate limit implemented

ZITADEL Clouds rate limit is built around a IP oriented model. Please be aware that we also utilize a service for DDoS mitigation. So if you simply change your IP address and run the same request again and again you might be get blocked at some point.

If you are blocked you will receive a http status 429.

Implement exponential backoff

You should consider to implement exponential backoff into your application to prevent a blocking loop.

Raising limits

We understand that there are certain scenarios where your users access ZITADEL from shared IP Addresses. For example if you use a corporate proxy or Network Address Translation NAT. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we'll find a solution.

What rate limits do apply

For ZITADEL Cloud, we have a rate limiting rule for login paths (login, register and reset features) and for API paths each.

Rate limits are implemented with the following rules:

PathDescriptionRate LimitingOne Minute Banning
/ui/login*Global Login, Register and Reset Limit10 requests per second over a minute15 requests per second over 3 minutes
/oauth/v2/keysOAuth/OpenID Public Keys Endpoint20 requests per second over a minute15 requests per second over 3 minutes
/oauth/v2/introspectOAuth Introspection Endpoint20 requests per second over a minute15 requests per second over 3 minutes
All other pathsAll gRPC- and REST APIs as well as the ZITADEL Customer Portal10 requests per second over a minute10 requests per second over 3 minutes

Load Testing

If you would like to conduct load testing of ZITADEL Cloud or a managed instance, you MUST request to do so with a minimum of 2 weeks notice before the test by contacting us at You MUST NOT conduct load testing without prior approval by us. Without prior approval and setup there is a high risk of being flagged by our DDoS solution as malicious traffic. This can have a severe impact on your service quality or result in termination of your agreement.