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Feature Development Policy

Last updated on September 25, 2023

This policy clarifies how we handle requests for feature prioritization and development. This policy is applicable to situations where a user wants to prioritize certain features or development for our products and services.

Why to do we have this policy?

Shaping of the roadmap and prioritization of features is done by ZITADEL. You are welcome to give feedback on the roadmap and we are happy to accept upstream pull requests for ZITADEL.

In case you can't contribute directly to the open source version of ZITADEL, but want to accelerate development, we may develop the feature on request, under the conditions layed out in this policy.

Features that will be part of the publicly available ZITADEL repositories, ZITADEL Cloud, or optional components to our products that might be available only under a commercial license.


All intellectual property and ownership of the changes remain with ZITADEL. Changes may be published under an Open Source or commercial license. ZITADEL will guarantee maintenance and warranties according to the license and terms of services under which the changes are being released.


  1. Contact us about your feature request
  2. We will share the scope of the feature and acceptance criteria with you
  3. As soon as you confirm the scope we will provide you with a quote containing scope, timeline, estimated effort, and price for the feature development
  4. When you accept 50% of the cost is due
  5. We inform you when the feature is available and provide you with instructions on how to conduct the acceptance tests
  6. You will need to report any issues within 14 days, if not otherwise agreed (see below)
  7. On completion (see below) the remaining cost is due

Development cost

We will estimate the overall effort and development cost of the changes. For features that are not on the roadmap or feature requests where a defined deadline for general availability of the feature must be met, we take 100% of the development cost as base. For prioritization of a features that are already on the roadmap, we take 50% of the development cost as base.

We will provide you with a quote for fixed price of the overall effort and ZITADEL will carry any overages.

Cost, scope and timeline will be agreed in a formal quote.


50% of the cost will be due on accepting the quote. We will send you an invoice and expect payment within the given deadline.

50% on completion of the feature development. Completion means that the agreed scope is available according to the agreed acceptance criteria. You had 14 days to verify the acceptance criteria and report any issues. A feature is considered complete, if the outstanding issues are being solved, or a timeline for resolution of the issues has been mutually agreed, or if we haven't got any response within the last 14 days.