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ZITADEL Managers

Managers are human users or service users who have permission to manage resources within ZITADEL.

Manager permissions can be assigned to different levels in ZITADEL:

  • IAM Managers: This is the highest level. Users with IAM Manager roles are able to manage the whole Instance.
  • Org Managers: Managers in the Organization Level are able to view or manage everything, according to their permissions, within the granted Organization.
  • Project Mangers: In this level the user is able to manage a project.
  • Project Grant Manager: The project grant manager is for granted projects by another organization.

Scope of the managers is restricted based on their level. That means a Manager, assigned to one organization, will only get access to resources and configurations of that organization. Only Managers on the instance level can view resources, such as users, across all organizations.


  • Read our guide on Managers to learn more about the role concept and how to use Manager roles in ZITADEL.
  • API reference for Managers on organization level