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By using ZITADEL actions, you can manipulate ZITADELs behavior on specific Events. This is useful when you have special business requirements that ZITADEL doesn't support out-of-the-box.


We're working on Actions continuously. In the roadmap, you see how we are planning to expand and improve it. Please tell us about your needs and help us prioritize further fixes and features.

Why actions?

ZITADEL can't anticipate and solve every possible business rule and integration requirements from all ZITADEL users. Here are some examples:

  • A business requires domain specific data validation before a user can be created or authenticated.
  • A business needs to automate tasks. Roles should be assigned to users based on their ADFS 2016+ groups.
  • A business needs to store metadata on a user that is used for integrating applications.
  • A business needs to restrict the users who are allowed to register to a certain organization by their email domains.

With actions, ZITADEL provides a way to solve such problems.

How it works

Using the actions feature, ORG_OWNERs create a flow for each supported flow type. Each flow type provides its own events. You can hook into these events by assigning them an action. An action is composed of

  • a name,
  • a custom JavaScript code snippet,
  • an execution timeout in seconds,
  • a switch that defines if its corresponding flow should fail if the action fails.

Within the JavaScript code, you can read and manipulate the state.

Further reading