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ZITADEL Console: Resource management and customization

The ZITADEL console is a web-based interface designed to facilitate the management and administration of ZITADEL resources and configurations. It serves as a central hub where administrators can perform various tasks related to identity and access management within their organization's infrastructure.

The console is available by navigating to the custom domain of your instance and appending the path /ui/console. Administrators can restrict end-users from accessing the console.

Here's an overview of what the console enables users to do:

  1. Default Settings: Managers can access and manage the default settings of the ZITADEL system. This includes configuring authentication methods, security policies, and other system-wide parameters to meet the organization's requirements.

  2. Resource Management: The console allows for the creation, updating, and deletion of essential resources such as organizations, users, projects, and applications. Administrators can efficiently manage these entities to ensure proper access control and governance.

  3. User Management: Administrators can manage user accounts, including creating new user accounts, updating user profiles, resetting passwords, and deactivating or deleting user accounts as needed.

  4. Access Control: The console provides tools for defining and managing access control policies. This includes assigning roles and permissions to users, configuring fine-grained access controls, and managing access to specific resources.

  5. Audit Logging: The console offers access to audit logs that track user activity and changes made to resources and system settings. Administrators can review these logs to monitor security-related events, track changes, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

  6. Customization and Branding: The console allows organizations to customize the branding and appearance of their ZITADEL instance. This includes uploading custom logos, selecting color schemes, and applying other visual customizations to align the interface with the organization's branding guidelines.

  7. Manager Assignment: Administrators can assign ZITADEL managers who have elevated privileges for managing resources within the organization. This allows for the delegation of administrative tasks while maintaining proper oversight and control.

Overall, the ZITADEL console serves as a comprehensive tool for administrators to configure, manage, and monitor identity and access management within their organization, providing the necessary controls to ensure security, compliance, and efficient administration of resources.