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Passkeys in ZITADEL: Passwordless phishing-resistant authentication

ZITADEL's passkeys feature enables passwordless authentication, offering a smoother and more secure login experience for your users. This document explains the essential details for developers.

What are Passkeys?

Imagine signing in without passwords! Passkeys, replacing traditional passwords, leverage public-key cryptography similar to FIDO2 and WebAuthn. Users rely on their devices' biometrics or PINs for authentication, eliminating password burdens.

Benefits for Developers

  • Enhanced Security: Phishing-resistant passkeys minimize credential theft risks.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Faster, easier logins free users from managing passwords.
  • Platform Agnostic: Works across devices and platforms supporting passkeys.
  • Modern Standard: Complies with the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards.


  • Seamless Registration: Create unique passkeys for users on various devices. Optionally pair them with specific users and choose cross-platform or platform-specific options.
  • User Control: Users manage their passkeys directly through ZITADEL's self-service portal, allowing registration, viewing, and deletion.
  • Intuitive Login: Users initiate passwordless login by selecting the passkey option and verifying themselves with the device's biometrics (fingerprint, face ID, etc.).
  • Robust Fallback: Traditional password login remains available for users without passkeys.

Developer Resources


  • Passkey support is still evolving in browsers and platforms. Check compatibility for your target audience.
  • ZITADEL actively develops its passkey features. Stay updated with documentation and releases.
  • Passkeys are bound to your domain, thus we recommend configuring a custom domain before setting up passkeys.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions about integrating passkeys in your ZITADEL application!