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Get OIDC Auth Request details

Get OIDC Auth Request details by ID, obtained from the redirect URL. Returns details that are parsed from the application's Auth Request.

Path Parameters
    authRequestId string required

    ID of the Auth Request, as obtained from the redirect URL.



    authRequest object
    id string

    ID of the authorization request

    creationDate date-time

    Time when the auth request was created

    clientId string

    OIDC client ID of the application that created the auth request

    scope string[]

    Requested scopes by the application, which the user must consent to.

    redirectUri string

    Base URI that points back to the application

    prompt string[]


    Prompts that must be displayed to the user

    uiLocales string[]

    End-User's preferred languages and scripts for the user interface, represented as a list of BCP47 [RFC5646] language tag values, ordered by preference. For instance, the value [fr-CA, fr, en] represents a preference for French as spoken in Canada, then French (without a region designation), followed by English (without a region designation). An error SHOULD NOT result if some or all of the requested locales are not supported.

    loginHint string

    Login hint can be set by the application with a user identifier such as an email or phone number.

    maxAge string

    Specifies the allowable elapsed time in seconds since the last time the End-User was actively authenticated. If the elapsed time is greater than this value, or the field is present with 0 duration, the user must be re-authenticated.

    hintUserId string

    User ID taken from a ID Token Hint if it was present and valid.