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GRPC Status Codes in ZITADEL

GRPC NumberGRPC CodeHTTP Status CodeHTTP Status TextDescription
0OK200OKNot an error; returned on success.
2UNKNOWN500InternalUnknown error, this is sent if the error could not be identified as one of the errors described below
3INVALID_ARGUMENT400Bad RequestThe client specified an invalid argument. Note that this differs from FAILED_PRECONDITION. INVALID_ARGUMENT indicates arguments that are problematic regardless of the state of the system (e.g., a malformed file name).
4DEADLINE_EXCEEDED504Gateway TimeoutThe deadline expired before the operation could complete.
5NOT_FOUND404Not foundSome requested entity (e.g. user or project) was not found.
6ALREADY_EXISTS409ConflictThe entity that a client attempted to create (e.g. user or project) already exists.
7PERMISSION_DENIED403ForbiddenThe caller does not have permission to execute the specified operation.
9FAILED_PRECONDITION400Bad RequestThe operation was rejected because the system is not in a state required for the operation's execution. e.g a project that is already deactivated, should be deactivated
12UNIMPLEMENTED501Not ImplementedThe operation is not implemented or is not supported/enabled in this service.
13INTERNAL500InternalInternal errors. This means that some invariants expected by the underlying system have been broken. This error code is reserved for serious errors.
14UNAVAILABLE503Service UnavailableThe service is currently unavailable.
16UNAUTHENTICATED401UnauthorizedThe request does not have valid authentication credentials for the operation.