Forza Italia: Retreat the third edition in Bologna

As a fully remote company, the time we spend together in person is precious. This is why twice a year, our team gathers for an in person retreat, an opportunity to connect beyond the virtual world. Last week, we met outside the beautiful city of Bologna for our first retreat of the year. Since we really enjoyed it, we wanted to share a glimpse of our week-long adventure.

Travel Monday and Arrival in Bologna

After a full day of travel by plane or train excitement filled the air as we arrived in Bologna. The last steps to our accommodation were harder than expected, the location with its view of its flowing hills and grape wines were worth it. As everybody arrived later in the afternoon we rounded off the evening with pasta, as one would expect in Italy. We even committed ourselves to cooking two fresh sauces, ragu and a verdure. The whole team enjoyed the get-together and chatted until late that night over a drink.

Up the hill.

Workshop Tuesday (with Pizza)

Tuesday marked the beginning of our planned activities. In the morning, we gathered for a collaborative workshop focused on team dynamics and fostering a productive environment. This session, prepared with the guidance of our coach, Diane, was insightful and set a strong foundation for our company culture.

The afternoon was free for everyone to explore the surroundings or engage in spontaneous discussions. Some team members chose to go for a walk, while others stayed back to exchange ideas and plans that have been in their heads for a long time and some others decided to play a game called Kubb.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly pizza night. Max brought his portable pizza oven, and Florian had spent the afternoon making pizza dough from scratch. As evening fell, we gathered to create our own pizzas. The making was as enjoyable as the delicious outcome. We laughed, shared stories, and ate homemade pizzas—a perfect blend of teamwork and fun.

Pizza Night

Wednesday, Continued Workshops and Exploration

Wednesday morning continued with another productive workshop session. Building on the previous day's discussions and results, we delved deeper into our operating principles, aligning our visions and strengthening our collaborative spirit.

The afternoon was again free for personal activities. These unstructured times were as valuable as the workshops, allowing for organic connections and idea exchanges.


A Culinary Adventure on Thursday

Thursday was dedicated entirely to food. We went on a walking food tour in Bologna, immersing ourselves in the local culinary delights. From fresh pasta to delicious pastries, we tasted a variety of specialties that the city is renowned for, such as cold-cuts, Tiggele, Tortellini al Brodo, Tagliatelle al Ragù. This gastronomic journey was not just about food but also about experiencing the culture and history of Bologna together.


The Importance of In-Person Retreats

We figured that these in-person retreats are crucial for our company culture. They provide us with a unique opportunity to build stronger relationships and learn about each other's interests and expertise. Spending time together allows us to connect on a personal and social level, enhancing our collaboration and understanding of each other, far beyond what is possible through modern communication channels like video and audio.

Our week in Bologna was a resounding success. From the insightful workshops to unforgettable culinary experiences, we cherished every moment. These retreats remind us of the importance of human connection in a digital world. It made us aware that remote work is hard work, and we are already looking forward to seeing each other again in person in the next retreat.


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