You wanted PostgreSQL? We got you covered.

This post is more than a year old. The contents and recommendations in this blog could be outdated.

In our ongoing effort to build the best identity and access management platform for the serverless era, we extend the database compatibility of our solution. We are happy to announce that with the recent release of version 2.3.0 ZITADEL supports the PostgreSQL database model.

Up until now ZITADEL was only available with CockroachDB as storage. As already noted back in our talk with CockroachDB, which you can find on our Blog, right from the start we considered going with plain PostgreSQL as storage. But opted for CockroachDB first for the cloud-native approach and shared-nothing architecture which gave us great benefits in running globally-scalable and zero-downtime service for customers.

Over time, however, we have received more requests from our community to provide support for alternative databases. As many already operate or use a managed PostgreSQL database for their own services, this helps reduce the learning curve and overhead in managing different database setups. With that we've heard your wishes and implemented PostgreSQL support for ZITADEL. It is available for self-hosting setups from today in a beta stage.

To get started checkout the Guide in our Docs. Note that you need to overwrite the values of the base configuration with these values.

As mentioned above, this is an early feature. ZITADEL has been tested against a plain-vanilla PostgreSQL database. If you run into any technical problems or performance issues, please raise an issue over on Github or ask in our Discord.

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