How we built it with Cockroach Labs

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Topics covered

  • What makes ZITADEL better than other IAM services?
  • Why did you choose Cockroach DB?
  • What is CQRS and how do you use it in ZITADEL?
  • Why use a spooler in an event-sourcing workload?
  • How does ZITADEL avoid bad data?
  • What are challenges of Kubernetes?
  • What is ORBOS?
  • How to use GitOps? What are the benefits?
  • How to solve DNS problems from running Kubernetes in multiple regions?
  • How to use CloudFlare's magic WAN?
  • How to handle hybrid-cloud challenges?
  • Why use geo-partitioning?
  • Secondary indexes in Cockroach DB

CockroachDB & ZITADEL

We use CockroachDB as our storage. Check out their great product!

Read our joint Case-Study: ZITADEL is building an IAM-as-a-service platform with CockroachDB & CQRS.

Further resources

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