Use our public cloud service (our free plan includes all features, by the way) or self-host for full control—in any case, we're happy to help.

ZITADEL public cloud service

Too busy to run your own ZITADEL instance? We will manage everything for you with our SaaS offering. Ready to use within minutes, you will receive a pre-configured ZITADEL platform for all your needs.

You do not have to worry about scaling your infrastructure when your service gains new customers or sees usage spikes. Thanks to the SaaS model of ZITADEL both scaling and resource allocation are being handled by us.

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We make the operational security ease for you

Infrastructure and data protection

We honor the value of our customers' data and protect it with many layers of security. Such include multifactor enforcement for all staff. We don't employ external people to help with customer specific problems.

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Continuous security and secret update

The SaaS service is continuously patched and improved to mitigate potential attacks early on. Whenever possible we automatically rotate the key material we use for TLS and Signing Tokens.

Rate limits and quotas

ZITADEL uses rate limits to protect against noisy neighbors and to guarantee its availability. We combine static and dynamic rate limits with quotas to make sure that each client is treated fairly.

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WAF and DDoS

ZITADEL utilizes some of the best Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation and Web Application Firewall (WAF) services in the world to provide a high amount of resilience, even against large scale attacks.

Regular pentest

In a regular schedule we contract external penetration testers to test our service for flaws and security risks. We publicly share the reports after mitigation in our blog.

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Log analysis

We analyze the log files from our infrastructure for malicious requests and adapt web application firewalls accordingly.

We let you drive your business

Your business

Scale your business not your auth service

With ZITADEL Cloud you can focus on building your business without investing too much time building and running security features.


Pay only for what you use

ZITADEL’s pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to explore ZITADEL without even providing a credit card with all the features and scale with guarantees as soon as you need them.

Surge Protection

Surge protection

We know that sometimes things happen. That's why we are here to help. If anything unusual happens let us know and we will find a solution.

Let us care about scaling and availability

24*7*365 Observability and Response

The ZITADEL staff actively observe the service quality and error budget to tackle challenges before they impact our customers.

Multi regional availability

ZITADEL uses a highly distributed and redundant infrastructure spanning across multiple regions. With the use of serverless containers we can guarantee fast and easy scaling to accommodate even the highest burst traffic with a short scaling time.

Global content delivery network

To provide the users of our customers the best possible latency we use a globally distributed Content Delivery Network with over 100 Locations across the globe.

Service level agreement

We provide paying customers with a solid Service Level Agreement (SLA) which we improve with an additional option.

Profit from our first hand knowledge

The same team that built ZITADEL is running the cloud service. Whether you have a support case or a best practice question, you always will be consulted by an employee with experience.

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