Celebrating 100+ Paying Customers

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone for ZITADEL: exceeding 100 paying customers as we entered 2024! This achievement marks a pivotal moment in our journey to establish ZITADEL as the leading open-source identity infrastructure platform.

While reaching over 7,000 GitHub stars, having 160+ active contributors across our projects, and a thriving 2,000-member Discord community are fantastic signs of our growing popularity, winning the trust of over 100 paying customers by the start of 2024 demonstrates the demand for a modern identity platform like ZITADEL and sets the stage for continued, rapid growth.

Our customers represent a diverse range of organizations who have chosen ZITADEL for its:

  • Unmatched security and transparency: The open-source nature of ZITADEL fosters trust and allows for independent security audits, ensuring robust protection for user data.
  • Flexibility and customization: ZITADEL empowers businesses to tailor its functionalities to their specific needs, offering a high degree of control over their identity infrastructure.
  • Self-hosting: Many smaller customers trust the scalability and the peace of mind offered by our managed cloud service. Businesses have the option of self-hosting ZITADEL, granting complete control over user data and deployment environment, with support available for added peace of mind.
  • Advanced multi-tenancy: ZITADEL's robust multi-tenancy features are ideal for B2B scenarios. It allows organizations to manage multiple tenants (customers or partners) with data separation, customizable branding, and secure access control.
  • Enhanced SSO and MFA: Our customers want to replace their SSO and MFA capabilities with a more robust solution that offers technical and operational scalability. ZITADEL provides teams the functionality to manage their own security policies and SSO configuration coupled with modern phishing-resistant, multifactor authentication methods.

This milestone is a testament to the incredible work done by our amazing community and the unwavering commitment of our team. We are deeply grateful for the trust our customers have placed in ZITADEL, and we remain focused on providing the best possible open-source identity solution.

Join us on this exciting journey! Simplify your identity infrastructure and get started with ZITADEL Cloud today.

Together, let's build an open and secure identity infrastructure!

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