ZITADEL Cloud ends introductory phase.

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ZITADEL v1.0.0

As announced on April 9 we released the version 1.0.0 on April 20.

API Breaking Changes. We have decided to fundamentally restructure our APIs. All command requests will only return the relevant data instead of the whole object. For example, for a newly created object, this is the ID. Only via read functions the complete data can be accessed.

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Updates to ZITADEL Cloud

We started with an soft-launch last year to get early feedback on functions and root out some of the operational challenges running the distributed multi-cloud service. We now host over 80 organizations on ZITADEL Cloud.

Sincerely, thank you to all our early adopters providing us with feedback, support and trusting us to provide a critical component to your applications!

So what changes with this release for our SaaS offering ZITADEL Cloud:

  1. We enforce our feature set per subscription plan. For more information check out the detailed list on our pricing page. Early adopters will keep their plans for free for a bit longer to get to know the different plans better.
  2. You can buy a subscription plan via ZITADEL Console. We have integrated Stripe as payment provider for now. If you have any concerns or don't want to pay via Stripe, please get in touch with us.

Head over to ZITADEL Docs to learn more about how to use ZITADEL. If you have any questions or something is not working as expected, then please contact us.

What's next

We realize that there is still an important feature outstanding. We will work the next weeks on improving private labeling in ZITADEL. If you have any other feature requests, then please join the discussion over at GitHub. Also contributions to the open source version of ZITADEL are always welcome.

Moreover we will continuously update the documentation with manuals, guides, and quickstarts. Lastly, we will provide more details on the support and SLA terms & conditions of the service.

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