ZITADEL V2 Release.

We are excited to announce ZITADEL V2 is coming soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed first when Beta is ready to test.

With the new version we focus a lot on making it as simple as possible. That’s why we improved the pricing, the possibility to run ZITADEL locally and what features you get in our SaaS offering.

The biggest changes are:

ZITADEL Cloud Features

With our SaaS offering you get now a complete ZITADEL instance within our cloud instead of only an organisation. This allows more flexibility to get even more features like:

  • Custom Domain (e.g. login.mycompany.ch)
  • Selectable Data Residency (Global, Switzerland, GDPR save countries)
  • As many organisations as you like without additional cost
  • Configure all default settings for your instance and inherent them to your organisations

ZITADEL Cloud Pricing

Get ZITADEL for Free with all the features. If you like it, change to the pay as you go model, and pay based on your usage (authenticated request).

  • The first 25’000 requests will always be free
  • Each additional 25’000 requests will cost $50
  • A custom domain (includes TLS) will cost 25$ / Month
  • Extended SLA and support will be offered at 250$ / Month

Details about the  pricing

Notable ZITADEL improvements

In the last few weeks we were heavily at work to improve the experience for people who want to use and run ZITADEL. Some of the most notable changes are:

  • All-in-one - ZITADEL can now be started with a single command on multiple platform and even without containers as a all-in-one binary
  • DB Migration - ZITADEL handles all the necessary schema migration for the database without the need for external tools
  • Virtual ZITADEL - One ZITADEL process is now able to run multiple virtual instances
  • Serverless - ZITADEL can now be run not only on Kubernetes but also on Serverless Container offerings like Google Cloud Run and Knative

Migrate from zitadel.ch (v1)

For all interested customers we will provide an upgrade path from v1 to v2. Please also check the options below to give you an indication of how the migration can work.

Migration Path:

  1. If you are not productive yet - Create a new instance by yourself and use this instead of zitadel.ch
  2. If you are already productive - Get in touch with us and we will find a solution that works best for you.

Be advised that after the release of V2 you will have until 31.12.2022 to take action. If we don’t hear from you we will delete the organisation at that point.

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