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HTTP/2 Support in ZITADEL

ZITADEL follows a strict API first approach and makes heavy use of the modern API framework called gRPC. Besides gRPC all APIs are also available in an openapi Rest fashion as well as in gRPC-web for compatibilty towards browser integrations.

To make use of gRPC it is vital to allow your clients to communicate with ZITADEL with HTTP/2.

Sometimes you need to configure explicitly that you want to use HTTP/2 if you run ZITADEL behind a reverse proxy and below you should find examples for different vendors and projects.

Furthermore it is important to notice that by default HTTP/2 is always encrypted, but if you want to run ZITADEL without TLS from your reverse proxy or service mesh this is possible through h2c. Oftentimes when you run ZITADEL inside a service mesh, or a servelerss offering (e.g. Google Cloud Run, Knative, ...) you will need h2c.

You can read more about ZITADEL's TLSs modes here.