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External ZITADEL Access

Why do I get an "Instance not found" error?​

Also, ZITADEL has the concept of virtual instances. It uses a requests Host header to determine which virtual instance to use. This is useful for multi-tenancy and resource sharing, for example in SaaS scenarios. For most cases however, ZITADEL should run on exactly one domain.

This guide assumes you are already familiar with configuring ZITADEL.

Standard Config​

ZITADEL only serves requests sent to the expected protocol, host and port. For local testing purposes, you can use following configuration:

ExternalDomain: localhost
ExternalPort: 8080
ExternalSecure: false

For productive setups however, we recommend using HTTPS and a custom domain:

ExternalDomain: ''
ExternalPort: 443
ExternalSecure: true

Changing ExternalDomain, ExternalPort or ExternalSecure​

You can change the ExternalDomain, ExternalPort and ExternalSecure configuration options at any time. However, for ZITADEL to be able to pick up the changes, you need to rerun ZITADELs setup phase.

Running ZITADEL behind a Reverse Proxy​

If you run ZITADEL behind a reverse proxy, you need to ensure that it sends the correct request headers to ZITADEL. The proxy must either ensure that

  • the original Host header value is assigned to the Forwarded headers host directive.
  • the original requests Host header value is unchanged by the proxy.

Check out the reverse proxy configuration examples for more information.

Organization Domains​

Note that by default, you cannot access ZITADEL at an organizations domain. Organization level domains are intended for routing users by their login methods to their correct organization.

However, if you want to access ZITADEL at an organization domain, you can add additional domains using the System API. Be aware that you won't automatically have the organizations context when you access ZITADEL like this.

Generated Subdomains​

ZITADEL creates random subdomains for each new virtual instance. You can immediately access the ZITADEL Console an APIs using these subdomains without further actions.

More Information​