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Run ZITADEL on a (Sub)domain of Your Choice

This guide assumes you are already familiar with configuring ZITADEL.

You most probably need to configure these fields for making ZITADEL work on your custom domain.

Standard Config

For security reasons, ZITADEL only serves requests sent to the expected protocol, host and port. If not using localhost as ExternalDomain, ExternalSecure must be true and you need to serve the ZITADEL console over HTTPS.

ExternalSecure: true
ExternalDomain: ''
ExternalPort: 443

Database Initialization Steps Config

ZITADEL creates random subdomains for each instance created. However, for the first instance, this is most probably not the desired behavior. In this case the ExternalDomain-field of the configuration is used.


Go to the loadbalancing example with Traefik for seeing a working example configuration.