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Symfony PHP Framework

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Symfony is a high-performance PHP framework that provides a solid foundation for building scalable and maintainable web applications. Integrate authentication to your Symfony application easily by using the example-symfony-oidc Example.



ZITADEL does not provide a Symfony specific SDK. But you can integrate ZITADEL to your application by using any OIDC Library such as symfony-oidc.

Check out our Example Application

Example Application

The example-symfony-oidc repository includes an Example Application ready to start and show how a Symfony application looks like with integrated ZITADEL Login.

What does the Example include:

  • OIDC Code flow with User Info call after authentication.
  • Fully integrated with Symfony security and firewall.
  • User Role mapping
  • Persistent user data using local sqlite file. See DATABASE_URL in .env.
  • Public page at /
  • Authenticated /profile page for all users.
  • Authenticated /admin page for admin role users.
  • Logout

Step-By-Step Guide

The Step-By-Step Guide leads you through the whole process from configuring the right application in ZITADEL to a ready application with integrated Login.

After completing the Step-By-Step Guide you will have:

  1. Example Web Application with integrated ZITADEL Login
  2. Example page accessible without authentication
  3. Example page accessible by authenticated user showing retrieved user information
  4. Example administrator page accessible by user with administrator role
  5. Logout
  6. Correct setup for your application in ZITADEL