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Python Flask

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Flask is a lightweight and easy-to-use microframework for Python web development. Get started integrating authentication to your Flask API Application by checking out our example-api-python3-flask Example.


Flask SDK

ZITADEL does not provide a Python Flask specific SDK. But you can integrate ZITADEL to your application by using any OIDC Library such as angular-oauth2-oidc.

Check out our Example Application

Examples Application

What does the API Application Example include:

  • REST API Application secured with OAuth2
  • Public Endpoint: Accessible without authentication
  • Private Endpoint: Accessible with a token
  • Administrator Endpoint: Accessible with a token of a user with admin role

Example API App

Step-By-Step Guide

After completing the Step-By-Step Guide you will have:

  1. Example REST API checking tokens against ZITADEL with OAuth2
  2. Public Endpoint accessible by any user
  3. Private Endpoint accessible by authenticated user
  4. Private Endpoint accessible by user with role 'admin'
  5. Correct setup for your application in ZITADEL

API APP Step-By-Step Guide