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NestJS is a comprehensive and well-maintained TypeScript-based framework for building large-scale, scalable, and maintainable Node.js applications. Get started integrating ZITADEL to your NestJS API by checking out the zitadel-nodejs-nestjs Example.



ZITADEL doesn't provide a specific Nestjs SDK. You can use passport-zitadel for the authentication part.

Check out the Example Application.

Additionally, you can use @zitadel/node for user and resource management.

  • Manage Resources through ZITADEL APIs
  • Authenticate Service User
  • Generated gRPC Clients for integrating ZITADEL API
  • User, Organization, Project, etc. Management

This library is built by our community.

Example Application

What does the API Application Example include:

  • REST API Application secured with Spring Security and OAuth2
  • Private Endpoint: Accessible with a token

Example API Application

Step-By-Step Guide

After completing the Step-By-Step Guide you will have:

  1. Example REST API checking tokens against ZITADEL with OAuth2
  2. Private Endpoint accessible by authenticated user
  3. Correct setup for your application in ZITADEL

API APP Step-By-Step Guide