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Login Username

Enter your login name in the input field. Your loginname consists of the username with @ organisation domain. E.g If the organization is already pre-selected you do not have to enter the domain.

Login Username

Select Account

If you already have logged in with an account in this browser. ZITADEL has stored your usersession and you will be able to choose one of the accounts.

Login with Password

Enter you password. If you can't remember it click on the reset password link. You will get an email to set a new passwords. Login Password

Login with One Time Password (OTP)

If you have registered a One time password (OTP) as a second factor you need to enter your code.

  1. Open your authenticator app which you used to set up your OTP
  2. Enter the code from the authenticator app in the input field of the login process

Login OTP

You can find out how to register OTP here.

Can't remember your otp

If you have a problem with your OTP, please contact the support of your organization.

Login with Universal Second Factor (U2F) (FaceID, FingerPrint, etc.)

If you have registered U2F as second factor for your account you will have to verify this factor.

  1. Click the button "Verify Token"
  2. Your browser/device will show you the methods you have to verify your account (e.g FingerScan, Face Recognition, External Hardware Token, etc)
  3. Follow the steps your browser shows you

Login Multi Factor