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Apache 2.0

This integration guide shows you the basic OpenID Connect integration with ZITADEL and an Apache 2.0 server.

Setup PKCE client in ZITADEL

  • Go to your organization and setup a new application with the type PKCE
  • When created go to the "Redirect Settings" and enable Development Mode
  • Add the Redirect Uri, f.e. http://localhost:8080/secure/callback
  • Add the Post Logout Uri, f.e. http://localhost:8080/index.htmlConfigurationRedirect Settings

You can find the url to your discovery endpoint under "URLs": Discovery Endpoint

Configure Apache2

Configure mod_auth_openidc

We use the module mod_auth_openidc in this guide. You can find a minimal configuration in the official documentation.

The following parameters must be set with the values from ZITADEL.

OIDCProviderMetadataURL https://<your_domain>
OIDCClientID <client_id, eg 227791....@apache_test>
# OIDCRedirectURI is a vanity URL that must point to a path protected by this module but must NOT point to any content
OIDCRedirectURI <redirect_uri, eg http://localhost:8080/secure/callback>
OIDCCryptoPassphrase <very-secure-phrase>

OIDCScope "openid profile"

With the following parameters

ParameterDescriptionExample value
OIDCProviderMetadataURLIs the url to the discovery endpoint, which is typically located at {your-domain}/.well-known/openid-configurationhttps://<your_domain>
OIDCClientIDIs the ID of the zitadel application. You can find it on the settings page of the application.123456789123@apache_test
OIDCRedirectURIUsers will be redirected to this page after successful login. If you are using localhost or any other non-https endpoint, make sure to enable development mode in ZITADEL.
OIDCCryptoPassphraseCreate a secure passphrase. Consult the module's documentation for more details....
OIDCScopeOpenID Connect scopes that should be included. You can find a list of all scopes in our documentation."openid profile"
OIDCPKCEMethodThe method should be set to S256S256

Secure a route

If you want to secure a route / path then add do so by adding the following Location functionality with the directives:

<Location /secure/>
AuthType openid-connect
Require valid-user

With the same functionality you can also specify if roles / permissions must be present on the user, or limit access to specific users. Please consult the official documentation on more information.

Handling logout

Consult the official documentation on how to logout users. Or check out the example code for a minimal version.

Example code

We provide a minimum boilerplate example to test the integration of ZITADEL with an Apache server. Follow the instructions in the readme.