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Project Grant History



Returns a list of changes/events that have happened on the project grant. It's the history of the project. Make sure to send a limit.


Path Parameters

    projectId stringrequired
    grantId stringrequired

Query Parameters

    query.sequence uint64

    sequence represents the order of events. It's always counting

    query.limit int64

    Maximum amount of events returned. The default is set to 1000 in If no limit is set or the limit exceeds the maximum configured ZITADEL will throw an error. If no limit is present the default is taken.

    query.asc boolean

    default is descending

Header Parameters

    x-zitadel-orgid string

    The default is always the organization of the requesting user. If you like to change/get objects of another organization include the header. Make sure the requesting user has permission to access the requested data.


A successful response.




  • Array [

  • changeDate date-time

    the creation date of an event



    key string
    localizedMessage string
    sequence uint64
    editorId string

    the id of the user who created the event

    editorDisplayName string

    the display name of the editor

    resourceOwnerId string

    the organization the event belongs to

    editorPreferredLoginName string

    the preferred login name of the editor

    editorAvatarUrl string

    avatar URL of the editor

  • ]