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List Linked Identity Providers

Returns a list of identity providers that are linked in the login policy. This means, that they are configured for the instance and will be shown to the users. It affects all organizations, without custom login settings.

Request Body required
    query object

    Object unspecific list filters like offset, limit and asc/desc.

    offset uint64
    limit int64

    Maximum amount of events returned. The default is set to 1000 in If the limit exceeds the maximum configured ZITADEL will throw an error. If no limit is present the default is taken.

    asc boolean

    default is descending


Identity providers of default login policy

    details object
    totalResult uint64
    processedSequence uint64
    viewTimestamp date-time

    the last time the view got updated

    result object[]
  • Array [
  • idpId string

    the id of the identity provider

    idpName string

    the name of the identity provider

    idpType authorization framework of the identity provider


    Default value: IDP_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED

    the authorization framework of the identity provider

  • ]