NEW: The Greatest Pricing Updates for ZITADEL Cloud

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The brand new ZITADEL version 2.0 has just been released with promising new updates, expansions and improvements. Amongst the most extensive upgrades of the platform is the reimagining of our cloud pricing system.

The main goal of this improvement is to facilitate the processes of getting started with ZITADEL and gradually expanding it based on your organization’s specific needs. Moreover, these changes further emphasize our core principle of not putting a price tag on security features.

The Changes

1. Get more for free

What’s better than a free platform? A free platform with even more features to enjoy. Within the framework of ZITADEL Version 2, every user of our cloud solution is granted an expanded bundle of features at no additional charge.

The free package of ZITADEL includes:

  • 25’000 authenticated requests and 60 action minutes
  • Unlimited users, projects, clients, and applications
  • Password-based, passwordless, machine-to-machine, and MFA authentication methods
  • Multi-Zone high availability
  • Audit trail retention for 13 months with optional extension
  • Identity brokering
  • OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0 authentication and/or federation protocols
  • Easy integration via APIs and Actions
  • Activity reporting (user, project, federation)
  • The highest operational security measures

Even more free features are added in Version 2:

  • SLA with 99.5% availability ($50 ➝ $0)
  • E-Mail Support ($50 ➝ $0)
  • Privatelabeling (Custom colors, logo, message texts, etc.) ($50 ➝ $0)
  • Multiple data locations

2. Goodbye subscription tiers – Hello “pay as you go”

Having to pay for something we will not use is a struggle most of us are sadly familiar with. A typical perpetrator of this issue is “subscription tiers” – a bundle of features a platform sells as a package for a set price. While this pricing system is meant to facilitate the product-selection process by grouping features together depending on their estimated use cases, it simultaneously makes it near-impossible for users to buy them individually.

With the help of the new “Pay as you go” pricing model, customers of ZITADEL are freed from the restrictions of a predefined subscription tier. Therefore, they can exclusively pay for features that are beneficial for their organization(s). 

What you can pay extra for in Version 2:

  • Custom domain (including TLS) for $25 / Month
  • Each additional 25’000 requests and 10 Action Minutes 
  • Data location (Global, GDPR, Switzerland)
  • Extended SLA with 99.95% availability and increased support response time for $250 / Month
  • Longer audit trail
  • Customer success and technical account management
  • Annual payment

3. Discounts for Startups

If you are looking for an identity experience platform for your startup that does not cost a fortune, ZITADEL is here to take care of your authentication, authorization, and security management needs. With the help of our new program, your startup can benefit from exclusive discounts and features so you can focus on reaching your business goals.  

Beyond the features already granted to each of our users, members of our startup program are additionally given the following exclusive benefits for a whole year:

  • Free onboarding – Receive direct help with designing your project and getting started with the setup
  • Free customer success option – Enjoy regular performance and architecture check-ups carried out by our engineers
  • 50% off for additional requests – This includes scaling up to any payment plan


If your company meets the two simple requirements of being less than two years old and having less than $2M funding, you are eligible to apply to the program using the application form.

Why the upgrade?

Like most humans, when confronted with such a significant discount, you might ask yourself: “Is there a catch?”

To put it simply: there is none. Whereas formerly, “bonus” features such as customization, SLA, and support in our ZITADEL Cloud were considered premium features, we have decided to remove feature locks altogether. With these changes implemented, users can experiment with much more of what ZITADEL has to offer without hitting a paywall. After all, customers should be able to evaluate based on their experiences whether a product is worth their money.

To learn about further changes brought on by ZITADEL V2, check out the release notes.

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